To the Happy Land of Union


J.H. Johnson, Song Publisher, CARD AND JOB PRINTER, No. 7 N. Tenth St., above Market, Philadelphia.sam. Sandford’s New Song Books, Nos. 1, 2 & 3, only 3 cents each. THESE BOOKS SOLD TO THE TRADE.

To The Happy Land of Union.

Good evening, white folks all,
I have made this little call,
To tell a thing just popp’d into my cran’um,
It’s all about the times,
And I’ve done it up in rhymes,
To the tune of the Happy Land of Canaan

Some folks talk about the South,
But they’d better shut their mouth,
For the niggers on a Southern plantation,
Are better off by far,
Than the Northern poor folks are,
For they’ve always got a steady situation.

Some people, now-a-days,
Have very curious ways,
And say, “Human flesh was never made to trade in,”
With words of freedom on their lips,
They’ll fit out clipper-ships,
And send niggers to the Happy Land of Canaan.

SPOKEN.—That’s Cuba; that’s their Happy Land of Canaan, where they get a good price for he niggers.

It’s a funny thing to me,
That the “nigger” now should be,
The question everybody wants explainin’,
When there’s not a single man,
For the niggers cares a d——n,
But they’d send’em to the Happy Land of Canaan.

SPOKEN.—It sin’t niggers, it’s de dollars makes de trouble; dem folks what can’t get de spoils, do dere best to spoil de chances of dem that does get’em; dat’s what de trouble is.

We hear some funny tales,
About Abe Lincoln splitting rails,
That his reputation never had a stain on,
But this Union he ca’nt split,
For men will come together yet,
And send factions to the Happy Land of Canaan.

Then let us shout hurra!
For our country, near and far,
Let the North and South good feeling be regainin’,
And join in sweet communion,
To preserve our glorious Union,
And send discord to the Happy Land of Canaan.

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