Traitors Played Out. The Traitor's Doom


Printed by J.W. Du Bree, 1169 South 11th Street.

Traitors Played Out. The Traitor’s Doom,

Come listen to me, white folks all,
A story I will tell,
About the damned old traitors,
That are going fast to hell.
With old Jeff Davis at the head,
We’ll make him cry and shout,
And learn him that Secession
Is bound to be played out.

There is Jeff Davis in the South,
And his companion, traitor Twiggs,
They both are good enough to drill,
About a thousand pigs.
But when they come to our Northern boys,
They’ll find that they’re about,
For we’ll show them that the Stars and Stripes
Will never be played out.

So let them come whene’er they like,
We’ll stand by our country’s flag,
We’ll up with our glorious Stars and Stripes,
And down with the Palmetto rag.
And hang them up with Yankee hemp,
For the fuss they brought about,
And that will end Secession,
Which must shortly be played out.

Then we’ll give three cheers for General Scott,
And for our country too,
Likewise unto our Volunteers,
For they are all true blue.
And death to every Traitor foe,
That they do catch about,
For they soon will squeeze their vision,
And then they’re all play’d out.

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