The True Jersey Blue


JOHNSON . Song Publisher, No. 7 N. Tenth Street

The True Jersey Blue.

The brave volunteers of New Jersey,
All patriots, noble and true;
Aroused at the call of our country,
We’ll stand by the red, white and blue.
To tyrants we can never give in;
Rebellion shall have its just due,
For Union and Liberty, live in,
The hearts of the true Jersey Blue.

Bold treason, uprising, is striving
To pluck the bright stars from the blue;
And freedom’s last hope is surviving
Maintained by the swords of the true—
Shall liberty languish and perish.
Because we are not brave, or true?
Oh no! in our bosoms we cherish
The fame of the true Jersey Blue.

Our fathers of old, long before us
Won, and left a proud name for their sons,
Their spirits are hovering o’er us,
Their blood in their children still runs—
Oh long may we share in, and merit
The glory to patriots due;
We’ll maintain the proud name we inherit
Long, long live the true Jersey Blue.

No party nor elan shall divide us,
The Union we’ll place above all—
The laws of our land must still guide us
United we’ll stand, or we’ll fall—
And long may the blessings of Heaven
Descend on the brave and the true;
Three cheers for the Union be given,
And three for the true Jersey Blue.

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