When the Boys Come Marching Home


ADDRESS OF THE AUTHOR, A. ANDERSON, No. 420 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia,where all Ballads bearing his name may be had: also, all the most Popular Songs of the times, Wholesale and Retail.

When the Boys Come Marching Home.

The Veteran troops are coming home,

Our volunteers from Old Keystone,

They have fought through many a battle sore,
While grape like hail around did pour,

The gallant Twenty-ninth, P.V.

The first to re-enlist we see,

The Penn’a Zouaves, they follow suit,
The Ninety-fifth again recruit,

The Twenty-third and Twenty-sixth,

The Twenty-eighth and Seventy-fifth,

The Eighty-second and Ninety-first,
The Seventy-third among the first,

The California boys true blue,

They stood in battles not a few,

The rebels used their colonel rough,
He fell in battle at Balls Bluff,

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