Where's That Back Pay?


H. DE MARSAN, Songs, Ballads, toy books 54 Chatham Street, N.Y.

Where’s That Back Pay?

Boys, our back pay is a coming;
Nearly three months now is due;
And if Samuel don’t fork over,
We will put our Uncle through.
Yes. it’s coming: so is Christmas,
Which will get here first, I vow;
It is very hard to tell, boys,
But we’ll have it any how.

They said that we should get it,
Ere we left the “Old Bay State;”
But, boys, I guess that Uncle Sam
Has got hard up, of late;
But the old gentleman is honest;
To cheat is not his sin;
But that’s little consolation,
When we want a little tin.

But, cheer up, boys, it’s corning,
Sure as rats it’s on the way;
Wont we a time though, soldiers,
When we get hold of that back pay
The spondoolix must come down, boys,
That is all I’ve got to say;
For, that is what’s the matter, boys,
We must have that back pay.

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