White Star Division


White Star Division.

Star, the brightest gem of fame,
Triumphant still we show it.
And Hooker’s star still keeps its name,
And well the rebels know it.
Yes, well the rebels know the star,
As to their gaze we spread it,
And whilst in hands like Hooker’s men,
They know it but to dread it.

At Getty burg it won a name,
’Twill live in future ages,
Historians will boast its fame
In time’s immortal pages.
When dire disaster seemed our fate,
And many a cheek did palor,
Bold Slocum leads the star corps in,
And there they showed their valor.

Next to the West and Tennessee,
The star boys came with Hooker,
Old Rosecrans’ boys to see,
And bring them food and succor.
Wauhatchie’s plains can show their fame,
Where Rebel Hood did meet them,
But old Potomac’s still the same,
Brave Geary’s boys did greet them.

Did greet them boys, with fire and steel,
And routed Hood’s night legion,
And sent many a rebel knave,
To other hotter regions.
Then at Mission Ridge the star appears,
With Hooker in his glory,
A noble part there it bears,
As can be seen in story.

And Ringgold’s bloody fields can tell,
The part the star had taken,
When noble spirits that day fell,
Like valiant Craine and Creighton.
Yes, gallant Craine and Creighton, boys.
Their memory ne’er will perish,
The white star boys will tell their deeds,
And memory ever cherish.

At Rocky Face and Peach Tree Creek,
The star is shining steady,
And Hood again finds to his cost,
The star is once more ready.
Hood hurles his masses on our front,
His ten to one to crush us,
But behold, he sees a star,
And skedaddles to the bushes.

Skedaddles back into his lair,
Six thousand Johnnies minus,
And every time he hunts the star.
Its likely he will find it.
The 20th Corps is at the front,
And near Atlanta city.
And if the rebs come out to meet,
And finds us, more the pity.

Because their fuel is cut and dry,
And we are the boys can serve it,
Our motto is we win or die,
And give lead to them deserves it.
Then hoist the three stars to the breeze,
The star boys ever ready,
For with Joe Hooker at our head,
We are always more than ready.

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