Who Will Care for Mother Now?


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

Who will care for mother now?

Why am I so weak and weary?
See how faint my heated breath;
All around to me seems darkness;
Tell me comrades is this death?
Ah! how well I know your answer,
To my fate I meekly bow,
If you’ll only tell me truly
Who will care for mother now?

Who will comfort her in sorrow,
Who will dry the falling tear,
Gently smooth her wrinkled forehead?
Who will whisper words of cheer

Even now I think I see her
Kneeling, praying for me! how
Can I leave her in her anguish?

Let this knapsack be my pillow,
And my mantle be the sky;
Hasten, comrades to the battle!
I will like a soldier die.
Soon with angels I’ll be marching,
With bright laurels on my brow;
I have for my country fallen,

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