Who'll Have Me Now?


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

Who’ll have me now?

Now, all you, dear young ladies,
Give ear unto my song:
’Tis the request of a gay young lover;
And I’ll not detain you long.
Unmarried life is lonesome now;
For, I have so long tarried..
My mind’s made up to settle down,
And with some one get married.

My business: it is Finance:
I’m contented as to wealth;
No Doctor’s-bills do trouble me:
For, bully is my health.
I have a handsome Summer-seat,
Have men to till the soil:
Have a place in Pensylvania,

I have a splendid turn out,
A coach-dog that don’t bark:
And then, a little skating-pond,
Close to the Central-Park.
Now, throw your eye, and don’t look shy..
My good looks are sure to pass..
I’m possessed of many diamonds,

I once did court a handsome girl,
As ever you did see;
Her father kept a saussage-shop,
Way over, in Avenue B.
A boy, near by, he lost his dog.
In the shop he found the collar;
He whistled to the sassages,

As now I’m tired of singing,
Some lady ought to speak..
And say: I’ll be your better half,
In your heart a place I’ll seek!
And, then, I’ll buy the wedding-ring,
With my pockets full of cash;
The supper will be LA FRANCAIS:
Soup, cod-fish-Balls, and hash.

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