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Wide-awakes. The irrepressible’s

We’ll give you now our campaign song:
Go it, boys, while you’re young;
Away, away, away, away.

Breckinridge can’t command.
He’s exiled off to Dixey’s Land,

The major there may drill his men,
For the presidency may say: amen

Bell and fusion here and there;
We’ll crack that Bell, I do declare:

Douglas now has found his mother,
After so much fuss and bother:

Stephen, Stephen, tell me, pray,
Did you really loose your way

I wanted mother for to see
The chance I stood for Presidency:

Alas, alas, it is no go;
For President I make no show:

At my barbacues and clam bakes
My only fears are Wide-awakes:

My stumping tour is nearly done,
And Abe will be in Washington:

Morgan governor’s chair shall fill,
He has energy, tact, and skill:

Old Tammany and Mozart Hall
Will soon have their death call:

Democrats may laugh and titter;
Lincoln is a good rail-splitter:

Democrats with stout arms,
Vote for Linclon and free farms!

All agree, with one assent,
Lincoln will be president:

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    Still Image
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    Dawson, John W.
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    23.5 cm x 15.5 cm
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