The Widow's Last Prayer


H. DE MARSAN , Publisher, 51 Chatham Street, New-York.

The Widow’s Last Prayer.

Oh I Mother dear, leave off crying,
Your only child is by your side;
On you all my hopes relying,
Ever since my Father died!..
My Child I my thoughts are ever on you;
My nightly prayer for you is given;
My health, my dear, is decaying;
My soul must take its (light to Heaven

Come, my Child, come nearer to me;
Do not fret, do not despair:
A parting kiss before I leave you,
I’m going to meet your Father there..
It is our lot, we must not murmur;
It is our Great Creator: will
When I depart this world of sorrow,
He’ll be a Father to you still......

She clasped her child close to her bosom,
While her eyes were closed in death
God bless my boy! she faintly murmured
It was her last expiring breath.
Alone and helpless stood the Orphan,
With tearful and aspect wild
O God! look down, in all thy mercy,
And be a Father to this Child I

The funeral cortege, onward rolling,
There stood One (a Soldier brave),
Reported dead, but only missing:
He stood beside the new-made grave,
Tears rolled down his manly cheeks;
With weary look and features mild;
Weep not, my Boy I I’m safe returned,
To be a Father to my Child 1

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