Wont We Be a Happy People When This War Is Over


Wont We Be a Happy People When This War is Over.

We’ll gladly hail the happy day,
When war and strife shall cease;
When North and South shall rest beneath
The olive branch of peace;
When Union soldiers brave and true,
Whose lives are periled now,
Shall from the battle-field return,
And laurels wreathe each brow.

With cheerful songs and banners gay,
Our happiness complete,
We’ll hail the bright auspicious day,
When we at home shall meet;
Columbia’s banner waving high,
Her stars and stripes above,
We’ll sing a patriotic song,
With those we dearly love.

God speed the day when war shall end,
And treason meet her fate,
When freedom’s flag again shall wave
In every sister State;
Adieu, adieu to lonely care,
Farewell to War’s alarms,
Our husbands, sons, and brothers dear
We welcome to our arms.

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