Written for Rebecca


A Slave Child,

Once on a sunny summer’s day
While I was in the grove at play,
Two little birds sat on a tree
And went to chatting merrily.
I crept so softly on the ground,
They could not hear the slightest sound;
And coming near I dropped my head,
And heard the most of what they said.
First little Yellow breast begun—
His feathers glittering in the sun;
Opened his little shining beak,
And to his mate began to speak:
The whole I could not well make out,
For as he spoke be hopp’d about;
But every time he came in view
He sang, “I love you; yes I do.”
Then little Redbreast caught my eye,
Swinging upon a branch near by,
Responding to the yellow bird—
The sweetest notes I ever heard.
“Yellowbreast, how shall I know it?
If you love me, show it! show it!!”
And now the moral I will tell,
Its application suits so well.
We’ve sometimes heard in faith’s sweet dream
God’s angels say with cheering gleam,
A better day was yet to break
On eyes that weep and hearts that ache;
And freedom’s glorious light shall shine,
To help as walk the path divine;
And education yet should light
The slave-child out of blinding night.
Thus this once captive girl you see,
With liberty shall sing, “I’M FREE”;
And thank the Lord that Christ in you
Has come to us in mercy too.
And now, dear friends, let us know it,
If you love us, show it! show it!!
Come forward with an open hand
And help the little contraband.

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