Yankee Boys So Handy O!


J. WRIGLEY. Publisher, of Songs, Ballad’s, and Toy Books, Conversation, Age, and Small playing Cards, Alphabet Wood Blocks, Valentines, Motto Verses, and Out Motto Paper &c. No. 27 Chatham Street. (OPPOSITE CITY HALL PARK) NEW YORK

Yankee Boys So Handy O!

It always has been told,
That the South’ners so bold,
Could lick the Northerners so handy, O!
But now they have found their match,
And will see when comes the Scratch
The Northern Boys for fighting are the dandy O!

The White House, a Mansion bold
Where the Spoilers have had their hold
Is Governed by Old Abe the grandy O!
With as choice a Kitchen Crew,
As ever Salary drew, and can flog the
Southern Traitors so handy O!

The Traitors’ Shot flew Hot,
But the Boys they answered not,
Till they had all things well fixed and handy, O!
Says Old Abe, to his Crew, “let’s see what we can do,
We’ll take this Traitor Davis, this dandy O!”

The first Broadside we poured.
Carried Virginia by the board
Which made the Traitors look quite abandoned O!
Then Davis shook his head, and to the other
Traitors said, “I fear Old Abe is the dandy O!”

Our second told so well, that
North Carolina quickly fell, and
South Carolina she surrended so handy O!
Says Pickens, “Davis, we’re undone,
Aye, every Mother’s Son,”
While the Northern Boys were
Shouting “we’re, the dandy O!”

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