Yankee Doodle. No. 3


H. DE MARSAN Publisher. 54 Chatham street, N.Y.

Yankee Doodle.

Yankee Doodle! long ago,
They played it to deride us;
But now we march to victory,
And that’s the tune to guide us.

So fight is not a pleasant game;
But, if we must we’ll do it;
When Yankee Doodle once begins,
Our Yankee Boys go through it.

And let her come upon the sea,
The insolent Invader…
For, there the Yankee Boys will be
Prepared to serenade her.

Yankee Doodle! how it brings
The good old days before us!
Two or three began the songs,
And millions joined the chorus:

Yankee Doodle! not alone
The Continent will hear it;
But all the world shall catch the tune,
And every Rebel fear it!..

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