Yankee Volunteer


Yankee Volunteer.

Ye Daughters of America,
These lines to you I write,
Concerning your true lovers,
Who have volunteered to fight
For their country’s standard,
To face their rebel peers;
Its pretty dame shall see again
Our Yankee Volunteers.

The worthy Son of Liberty
Who’s got the heart to go,
To sustain his country’s dignity
And face the rebel foe,—
He’s worthy of a lady’s love,
We’ll call them our dears,
They’re strong and bold
And uncontrolled,
Our Yankee Volunteers.

The Cymbals are sounding,
The trumpet shrill doth blow,
For each platoon to form,—
We’ve got orders for to go.
Each pretty girl says to her love,
‘My darling never fear,
You’ll always find us true and kind
To the Yankee Volunteer.”

In the fearful hour of battle,
When the cannons loud do roar,
We’ll think upon our loves,
That we left to see no more;
And if grim death appears to us,
Its terrors and its fears
Can never scare in freedom’s war,
Our Yankee Volunteers.

Come, all you worthy gentlemen,
Who have the heart and means,
Be kind unto the soldier’s wife,
They hold your country’s reins,
They will come back victorious,
Those gallant Fusileers,
And bring again our flag unstained,
Our Yankee Volunteers.

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