Printed at Johnson’s, No. 5 North Tenth Street, Philad.

Yan-Kee-Dom! Or the Times.

There’s talk of war with John and Sam,
The Sandwich Islands and Yucatan,
But all the nations in the land
Could not conquer Uncle Sam.

John Bull tried it once you know
To lick us, but it was no go,
For when he came to the test
He found the Yankees got the best.

The Crampton difficulty is now settled,
Pierce and Marcy have shown their mettle;
No foreign court can insult our nation,
While there’s a Yankee in creation.

General Walker’s way down south,
Facing braving the cannon’s mouth;
With heart’s as brave, and heart’s as true
As ever beat under Jacket blue.

The Kansas folks are no ways lazy,
And for a fight are almost crazy;
It’s wrong to be fighting—shooting—lynching,
For our own toes we’re only pinching.

Sumner and Brooks had quite a fight,
In the senate Chamber, which was not right;
The laws they make, they soon do break,
And never an insult do they take.

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