Young America and Ould Ireland


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher. Songs ballads, toy books, &c. 54 Chatham Street, N. Y.

Young America and Ould Ireland.

It’s a soger I am, and I’m wearing the green;
With the boys of the army a-fighting I’ve been;
With my knapsack and gun, wheresoever I be,
Sure it’s Union I fight for, till Ireland is free.

In the seven days’ fight, sure I stood at my post,
And each pop of my gun made some Rebel a ghost;
And whenever the word came to charge, be me sowl!
I made in some blackguard a bayonet-hole!

When ould Stone-wall came down like a thousand of brick,
It’s meself and the boys drove him back double quick:
For, we thought of Bull-Run, and our bosoms were full,
And we wished we were RUN ning on ould Johnny BULL.

Sure there’s hope for ould Ireland, when Irishmen learn
How to handle a gun, or a bayonet turn;
And, by this and by that, if we once get the chance.
There’ll be rifles in England that don’t come from France!

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