The Young Conscript and his Lady


He Young Conscript and His Lady.

I have come, my dearest Rosa,
You to bid a kind adieu!
Dear, O dear, I have been drafted,
Now a Conscript draped in blue.
With a smile O greet me kindly,
Why that cloud upon your arched brow?
O smile, but tell me weeping,
Do you love your Conscript now?

Dearest Rosa I must leave you,
Why, O why, that heaving sigh?
O restrain those falling tears, love,
Till I speak the word good-bye—
Hark! the drums they now are rolling,
Farewell! one moment—I must go,
For our future bliss and welfare,
I forego all pleasure now.

Rosa.—O young Conscript, one and twenty,
I will greet thee with a smile;
Yes, I now sincerely love thee,
Draped in blue in soldier style.
Lo a brightness like a rainbow
Now lights up my darkened brow,
In that rainbow read my answer—
I do love my Conscript now.

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