Young Eph's Lament


Young Eph’s Lament.

Oh! where will I go when dis war breaks dis country up
And darkies have to scatter around?
This damned Bobolition, mancipation, and Secession
Am a going to run the nigger in the ground;
It’s Bobolition here,
And Secession dare,
And neither one or t’other ob ’em’s right,
One says dis,
Another says dat,
And dey both got de Country in a fight;
Den, what’s a poor nigger going to do;

Oh! what is the use ob dis gangulating, fighting,
Botheration to de Country so forlorn:
Why don’t dey tend to business, building boats and
making railroads
While de darkies raise the cotton and the corn?
But it’s Massachusetts here,
And South-Carolina dare,
Disturb dis happy Union with dare growl;
One says you shall,
De other says you shan’t:
And Uncle Sam has got to stand it all;
Now what can a poor nigger do?

What a deuced shame it is, this Secession revolution
Am a using up de business ob de land;
Trade and navigation, merchandising speculation
Have very nearly come to a stand;
De crops won’t be sow’d,
De meadows won’t be mow’d,
Kase dar’s nobody left for to tend ’em:
Dar’s scarcity, it seems,
Ob Cabbage, Peas, and Beans,
Kase dar’s nobody home for to tend ’em:
Den what’s a poor hungry nigger going to do?

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