Kind Friends Are Near Her


Johnson, Song Publisher, No. 7 N, 10th St., Phila.

Kind Friends are Near Her. Answer to Who Will Care for Mother Know?

Sleep noble hero,
Let not one fear,
Steal o’er thy brave heart
As death draws near.
For in her sorrow,
Mother will find,
True hearts around her
Loving and kind.
Though you have left her
Weeping for you,
Kind friends are near her,
Constant and true.
They’ll surely cheer her
When you are gone;
They will not see her
Mourning alone.

Angels will guard her
By night and day,
Gently they’ll lead her,
Up through the way.
Though friends forsake her,
They will be there,
Ready to save her
From dark despair.
Should angels leave her,
Still there is One,
Who will receive her,
When all are gone.
One who will guide her
Safe to that home,
Where no more sorrow
Ever can come.

Johnson, Song Publisher, Stationer & Printer, No. 7 N. Tenth St., 3 doors above Market, Phila.

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