Kitty Wells


Published by S, T. Gordon, 538 Broadway.

Kitty Wells.

You ask what makes this darkie weep,
Why he like others am not gay;
What makes the tear flow down his cheek,
From early morn’ till close of day.
My story darkies you shall hear,
For in my memory fresh it dwells,
’Twill cause you all to drop a tear,
On the grave of my sweet Kitty Wells.

I never shall forget the day,
That we together roamed the dells;
I kissed her cheek and named the day,
That I should marry Kitty Wells.
But death came in my cabin door,
And took from me my joy my pride,
And when I found she was no more,
Then I laid my banjo down and cried.

I often wish that I was dead,
And laid beside her in the tomb.
The sorrow that bows down my head,
Is silent in the midnight gloom.
The spring time has no charms for me,
Though flowers are blooming in the dells.
For that bright form I do not see,
’Tis the form of my sweet Kitty Wells

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