Liberty Tree


A. H. SENSEMAN, Printer and Publisher, 210 North Second Street, above Race, Third Story, Philadelphia.

Liberty Free.

In a chariot of light from the regions of day,
The goddess of Liberty came;
Ten thousand celestials directed the way,
And hither conducted the dame.
A fair budding branch from the gardens above,
Where millions with millions agree,
She brought in her hand as a pledge of her love,
And the plant she named Liberty Tree.

The celestial exotic struck deep in the ground,
Like a native it flourished and bore;
The fame of its fruit drew the nations around,
To seek out its peaceable shore.
Unmindful of names, or distinctions, they came,
For freemen like brothers agree;
With one spirit endued, they one friendship pursued.
And their temple was Liberty Tree.

Beneath this fair tree, like the patriarchs of old,
Their bread in contentment they eat,
Unvexed with the troubles of silver and gold,
The cares of the grand and the great;
Then let us all join in the glorious cause;
From all trait’rous thoughts let us flee;
United we’ll give one loud shout of applause,
In extolling the Liberty Tree.

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