Lilly and her Soldier


Lilly and her soldier.

LILLY. Dear Soldier, to night
O, what art thou doing?
As the dew drops of heaven
So gently are falling.
Art thou dreaming of other days?
Childhood’s ambition?
Or has fancy gone home
On an eve loved mission?

SOL. By the dim burning embers,
As the twilight is fading,
While the mantle of night
Our camp now is shading,
My knapsack I am packing,
Ere the dawn of the day,
We’ll be moving in column
And marching away.

LILLY. Art thou thinking of Lilly,
Your loved one at home,
As you silently tread
The night watch alone?
When moonbeams are dancing
In valley, on mountain,
Is thy soul plunged within,
Fond memory’s fountain?

SOL. When on picket’s lone watch,
Or on eve of great battle,
In calm and in storm,
Or the loud thunder’s rattle—
Ever thinking of thee, Lilly,
The charm of thy beauty;
Hark! the loud rolling drum
Now calls me to duty.

LILLY. O, where are the loved ones
That bid us good by,
As the tear trickled down,
From each clear sparkling eye?
O, where is the heart
Once so buoyant and bright,
O, “War broken Soldier,”
Can you tell me to-night?

SOL. Some have faded and died;
Some in battle have fallen—
Their spirits have fled,
To the highlands of heaven.
They have finished well their part,
In crushing the rebellion;
They have fought, bled and died,
In defence of the Union.

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