Lookout Mountain


Johnson, Printer, 7 North Tenth Street.

Lookout Mountain.

Good evening kind friends, it’s how do you do,
It’s a very long time since I bid you adieu,
I have been to the wars, I suppose you all know,
And I need no introduction, I’m Billy Barlow.

In Wauhatchie Valley on a moonlight night,
The rebels attacked us, we showed them fight;
They tried to surround us, but it was no go,
For we made them skedaddle, says Billy Barlow.

Lookout Mountain we next did take,
With the point of bayonet made Johnny Rebs break;
Our boys gave a yell, and away they did go,
They drove them to Dalton, says Billy Barlow.

We came back to camp, where we were before,
And I put my name down in the Veteran Corps,
The White Star Boys they hav’nt been slow,
They have all joined the Vets, says Billy Barlow.

I think I will finish, for I’m getting weary,
Our gallant Commander is John W. Geary,
He led us from Lookout to Ringgold you know,
And Victory was ours, says Billy Barlow.

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    Valleau, John M.
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