Look Out! The Rebels are Coming


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Look out! The rebels are coming.

That fierce Guerrilla, Jim Jenkins, I hear
In his rebel foray, is the bold pioneer,
His gang of wild Mountain troopers are such,
That whenever they come they astonish the

He gathers up horses and cattle by scores,
He enters a village and cleans out the stores;
And says to each dealer, I guess, brother chip,
We’ll settle this bill in Confederate scrip.

The invalid Ewell, that terrible man,
Strapt fast to his pony, is next in the van
Of this rebel invasion, and hot for the pay
Are the hordes of his hungry and raggad array.

Behind this advance come horse and dragoon,
In squadrons and squads, and heavy platoon.
O’er mountains and rivers in great army files,
As it stretches away for a hundred of miles.

Down the Shenandoah Valley they came with a force,
Like a wild torrent sweeping away in its course
All obstructions: last year as you know were the same,
Is it Halleck or Hooker, or who is to blame?

Stanton, Hooker or Halleck, I reckon all three,
Have been sold by the cunning devices of Lee;
His camp and his concerts, and shallow display
Of pickets, while marching his legions away.

But fighting Joe Hooker, one fine afternoon,
Made a bird’s eye reconnaissance in a balloon,
Of the hills o’er the river, and then he could see
He must look some where else for the army of Lee.

Then fighting Joe Hooker, in fury and flurry
Came down to pack up, and off in a hurry,
To get up at least to the field of “Bull Run,”
In advance of the rebels, or he were undone.

Then busy as bees were the brave sons of Mars
In thousands of wagons and hundreds of cars’
Up-packing their tents, their boxes and bales;
While the river behind was all white with our sails.

With shouts and with laughter the old sons of cheers,
The horsemen, the footmen, the grim cannoneers,
Joined in the high sport of an active campaign,
And of hot work at hand with the rebels again.

Our Camps were all cleared and their tempting remains,
Over the hill tops and over the plains
Of useless combustibles gathered in piles
When lighted illumined the country for miles.

When marching by day, still marching by night,
Far off to the left, far away to the right;
Our grand army moved and our object was one,
By getting in first at the field of Bull Run.

Our cavalry scouted the land far and wide,
Picked up a few prisoners, and picked up besides
Some countrabands, pitiful objects to see,
But scouted in vain for the army of Lee.

But sweeping around the mountain, the foe
Had invaded the North; and the sequel you know;
The President calls on the people once more
To come to the rescue as often before.

The summons is heard with the roll of the drum,
The sons of the North are aroused, they come
By legions, they muster and forward they go
To repel the invader and save fighting Joe.

The reserves of the North are her glory and strength,
As Lee and his chiefs will discover at length;
And to wipe out at last this shameful disgrace,
Our reserves are now marching to settle the case.

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