Louey Napoleon


H. DE MARSAN. Songs, Ballads toy books, 64 Chatham Street, N. Y.

Louey napoleon.

Louey Nap is trying,
‘Way down in Mexico,
To build another empire up;
But Uncle Sam says: No!
Napoleon he may try it,
And show his lack of sense;
But, soon, he will be gobbled up
By his Maximillian-Prince.

We’d let you rest for a little while;
For, your race is nearly run:
For, you can’t give a throne to Mexico:
No; nary time: not one..
So, take advice, friend Louey,
Keep away from Mexico;
For, the doctrine we will carry out,
Was taught by Old Monroe.

The Russian-Czar he sent a fleet
Out here, to Yankee-Land;
And nobly did we welcome them,
With open heart and hand.
A firm alliance is our plan:
We’ll make a Bully pair
With the Yankee-Doodle Eagle,
And the Russian Rugged Bear.

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