Parody On Dear Mother, I've Come Home to Die


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

Parody on dear mother, i’ve come home to die.

Dear Mother, I remember well
“That nice young gal from New Jersey”
She said “Oh ! kiss but never tell!”
“How are you, black horse cavalry?”
“Then let me like a soldier fall,”
“When the swallows homeward fly;”
“Come landlord fill the flowing bowl”
“Dear Mother, I’ve come home to die.”

“Oh,! “Hark! I hear an Angel sing”
“I’ll be free and easy still,”
“My love he is a sailor boy,”
With “the sword of Bunker-Hill.”
Oh “Happy happy be thy dreams,”
When you’re “Coming thro’ the rye;”
“I wish I was in Dixie’s Land”
“Dear Mother, I’ve come home to die.”

“Dear Tom,” “’Twas my Grand-ma’s advice”
“Don’t ever fly your kite too high;”
“I’m over young to marry yet”
“Says the spider to the fly.”
“We met by chance” at “Donnybrook fair”
Where “No Irish need apply.”
“I dream’t I dwelt in marble halls”
“Dear Mother I’ve come home to die.”

“Yes dearest I will love thee more,”
“I’ll hang my harp on a willow tree,”
“Our Billy was a butcher boy,”
And “Sally is the gal for me.”
“A dainty plant’s the ivy green”
“Then comrades raise your banners high;”
“I wish I had a fat contract,”
“Dear Mother, I’ve come home to die.”

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