Pat Murphy of Meagher's Brigade


Pat murphy of meagher’s brigade.

’Twas the night before battle—and, gathered in groups
The soldiers lay close in their quarters:
They were thinking, no doubt, of the dear ones at home—
Of mothers, wifes, sisters, and daughters.
With his pipe in his mouth, sat a dashing young blade,
And a song he was lilting quite gaily;
It was honest Pat Murphy, of MEAGHER’S BRIGADE,
And he sang of the spring of shillaly.

“Och, murther!” says Pats, “it’s a shame for to see,
Brothers fighting in such a quare manner:
Bat I’ll fight till I die—if I shouln’t be kilt—
For America’s bright starry banner.
Now, if it was only John Bull to the fore,
I’d rush into battle quite gaily;
For the spalpeen I’d rap with a heart an’ a half,
With my illigant sprig of shillaly!”

“Jest Davis, you thief, if I had you but here,
Your beautiful plans I’d be ruinin’:
Faix, I’d give ye a taste of me bayonet, bedad
For thrying to burst up the Union,
There’s a crowd in the North, too, an’ they’re just as bad—
Abolitionist spouters so sealy—
For throubling the naigers I think they desarve
A whack from a sprig of shillaly.”

The morning soon came, and poor Paddy awoke.
On the rebels to have satisfaction;
The drummers were beating the divil’s tattoo.
Calling the boys into action.
Then the Irish Brigade in the battle was seen,
Their blood in our cause shedding freely;
With their bayonet-charges they rushed on the foe,
With a shout for the Land of Shillaly!

The battle was over—the dead lay in heaps;
Pat Murphy lay bleeding and gory:
A hole through his head, from rifleman’s shot,
Had finished his passion for glory.
No more in the camp shall his laughter be heard,
Or his voice singing ditties so gaily:
Like a hero he died, for the Land of the Free,
Far away from the Land of Sillaly.

Then surely Columbia can never forget,
While valor and fame hold communion,
How nobly the brave Irish volunteers fought
In defence of the flag of our Union.
And if ever Old Ireland for freedom should strike,
We’ll a helping hand offer quite freely:
And the Stars and the Stripes shall be seen alongside
Of the flag of the Land of Shillaly,

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