The Patriotic Contraband!


The patriotic contraband!

O darkies, I’se a gwine in de Armey,
And I’se called a Contraband,
I’se a gwine to jine de Union armey,
And march through Dixie land;
I den be dressed in Regimentals,
And a knapsack on my back,
With my musket at a shoulder arms,
Full up my habersack.

De drums will beat terra, ta, ta, ta,
As we march along de street,
We’ll step it off in two four timeing it,
So gracefully and neat;
De band den play, E cornet leading,
And de bass-drum boom de time,
In steady column we be moving,
Up to de rebel line.

And when we reach de foe, Jeff Davis,
O den we see de fun,
We’ll blaze away, den bayonet charging,
Den see de rebels run.
We’ll keep it up on quick and double,
And make dar lines to reel,
We’ll break dem down, we give dem trouble,
And chase dem toe to heel,

And when dis cruel war is o’er,
Returning to our homes,
Den Tambo take de tambourine,
And Bazzel take de bones,
Ole Uncle Ned take down de fiddle,
And rosin up de bow,
Young Jake strike up the old triangle,
And Sam de ole Banjo.

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    Anderson, A
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    20.5 cm x 12.5 cm
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