The Patriot's Call to Duty


The Patriot’s call to Duty

Hark, brothers, hark, the trumpet’s calling,
Sire and son our Country to save;
By our strong arms and with God’s blessing,
We’ll preserve the blessed freedom our forefathers’ gave,
Come from the mountains—valleys—hills,
Come from the work shops and the mills;
Our voices join in thunder’s glee,
For God! our Flag! and Liberty!

Traitors, quail! the mandate’s given,
Retribution’s near at hand;
Your wrongs to man are known in Heaven,
The offended laws your death demands.
Each voice responds from North and West,
And from the hearts of all good men;
All, all aver before high Heaven,
The injured laws they will avenge.

Yea! vile. unblushing traitors tremble,
The hand’s upraised the knot to tie;
The martyr’s blood—the widow’s sorrow,
Proclaim that you shall surely die.
The mother’s pangs, with pining babes,
The desolate homes of sons and sires,
Decrees that mercy be delayed,
Till traitorous bands shall all expire.

All praise to our heroes—our brave Volunteers,
Who leave home, wife and parents for duty’s call,
Who’d rather meet death with all its terrors,
Than see their loved land by knaves enthralled.
Go forth then brothers, hand in hand,
Truth and justice is your shield;
May victory crown your noble band,
And Southern bigots soon must yield.

Be assured gallant soldiers, our Country’s defenders,
With the nation’s affections your names will entwine;
Triumphant an arms in a cause that’s so holy,
Like the undying spirit will last throughout time.
Then onward, brothers; on to glory,
Make the soulless braggarts flee;
Ten thousand joyful voices sing,
Our Flag! Volunteers! and Victory!

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