Prayer During Battle


Johnson, Printer, 7 North 10th st.

Prayer During Battle.

FATHER, I call on thee.
The roaring artillery’s clouds thicken round me,
The hiss and the glare of the loud bolts confound me,

To victory, to death, dread Commander, O guide me;
The dark valley brightens when thou art beside me;

When the breeze through the dry leaves of autumn is
When the thunder-storm of battle is groaning,

I trust in thy mercy, whate’er may befall me:
’Tis thy world that hath sent me; that word can recall me.

Not for earth’s hoards or honors we here are contending;
All that is holy our swords are defending:

When the thunders of death my soul are greeting,
When the gashed veins bleed, and the life is fleeting,

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