The President's Ball


H. DE MARSAN, Publisher, 54 Chatham Street, New-York.

The President’s Ball.

No doubt you’ve all heard of the hop of Tim Lannegan,
Though ’twas nothing to what I shall tell you about.
At a spree I once had in great Washington-City,
To see which I got all my new clothes out of spout:
For one evening, a picket I got for the White-House;
So, dressed in my best, on Old Abe I did call;
And, be jabers! the fun it will ne’er be forgotten,
The night I did dance at the President’s ball.

A servant, he stood at the door for to take me
To where Abraham and his lady did stand:
And so nervous I felt that a trifle would shake me,
Till the lady herself took me gently in hand.
But when they struck up with a hundred wee-fiddles,
And Billy O’Seward the dances did call:
There was me and ould Chase and his wife and his daughter
Danced: “Father Jack Walsh” at the President’s ball.

There was Henry Beecher, and Barnum’s What-is-it:
The Mayor of Squedunk, with an Albany gal:
With ten thousand sutlers and army-contractors,
And Brigadier-Generals no figures could tell;
There was Fernandy Wood, with a host of place-seekers;
But soon a loud shout did ascend through the hall!..
’Twas the people applauding brave Grant and McClellan
The pride and the joy of the President’s ball.

A soldier, he came, and tried for to enter,
With medals for battles all over his breast;
But being a private, nobody durst venture
To let him come in there, of shoddy the best.
The British Embassador, when just about going,
He managed to steal Mrs. Cunningham’s shawl;
And Miles O’Reilly, the prince of all poets,
He pinched all the spoons at the President’s ball.

When day-light broke, they stopped all the dancing;
And, then, they commenced such a hullabaloo!
For, Senator Sumner he drank to Jeff Davis..
And Stanton he swore he would quick put them through.
Then, at it they went, like Tom King and Heenan!
The police rushed in, when the ladies did squall..
They carried Abe Lincoln home drunk on a stretcher,
And that put an end to the President’s ball.

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