President's Ball


Entered according to Act of Congress, by A. Anderson Philadelphia, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, A. D. 1863.

President’s Ball.

Come all ye kind friends who now are downhearted,
And listen to what I’m going to say;
Good news received, to me ’twas imparted,
And now I’ll relate the news of the day.
Of late I received the blest information,
It came direct from the cabinet hall;
Abra’m has made a grand Proclamation,
Giving a free invitation to the President’s Ball.

Now all ye sweet lassies and ladies get ready,
Prepare yourselves for the grand Promenade,
Each one now away to some dancing academy,
And nightly engage in dancing a “jig”
Brooks, Riley and Campbell, “dancing professors”
On either of them I advise you to call;
In ten or twelve lessons in Polkas and Lancers
You’ll perfect your step for the President’s Ball.

There’ll be music most sweet and pleasure exquisite,
’Twill drown all sorrow and fill you with joy;
I’m sure you all will be pleased with a visit
To the “White House,” for what can annoy?
There, ladies most fair, will enjoy the caresses
Of statesmen and nobles who visit the hall;
I’m sure they’ll give way, lest we tramp on their dresses
While swinging around at the President’s Ball.

My first engagement shall be with the lady,
With the Lady of the White House—
At the bugle’s first call, we’ll skip it most steady;
Abra’m well pleased, though mute as a mouse
We’ll skip it to time as light as a feather,
Our feet scarce touching the floor of the Hall;
Tim Finigan, Lanigan, ‘ll exclaim to each other,
Och! sure this goes ahead of Lanigan’s Ball.

Sold at 420 South Tenth Street Phila., also by Harry May, at the Book Stand, S. E. corner of Third and Race Streets.

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