The Prisoner's Release


Sequel To Prisoner’s Hope. The Prisoner’s Release Or The Dear Old Flag Has Come.

Now the bugle’s thrilling blast,
And the distant cannon’s boom,
As they break upon the hopeful pris’ner’s ear;
And the marching of the men
As with measured tramp they come,
Tell his saddened heart, relief is drawing near.

Now the conflict rages fierce
And his heart is overcast
With a fearful thought that all may not be well
And the smoke of battle past,
And he sees aloft the flag he loves so well.
Joy now, &c.

Now the heavy bolts are drawn
Now the door is open thrown,
And the glowing sunlight gilds the prison floor;
Many faces pale and wan,
Many wasted forms are shown,
Weeping tears of joy to see their friends once more.
Joy now, &c.

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