Proud Columbia


Proud Columbia

Hail, hail, proud Columbia, the land of the free,
Arise and preserve your sweet liberty;
Let Native and Foreign be all of one will,
And the Star Spangled Banner shall wave o’er us still.

Hail, hail proud Columbia, thy Flag is unfurled,
It yet commands respect from all powers of the world;
Though our unruly Brothers in madness and sin,
Our loved Country to ruin are striving to b

Our flag they’ve insulted and trailed in the dust,
And exultingly boasted of actions so unjust;
With treason, and falsehood, and fraud for their meed,
And Jeff, Floyd and Twiggs they think to succeed.

But the veteran, the loyal, the good and the brave,
With hearts true as steel our country to save;
Gallant Ellsworth, the patriot, chastisement began,
But his life it was taken by traitorous men.

The loss is his country’s, his parents and friends,
And to them all true patriots in sympathy bends;
His soul was his Maker’s, to him its restored,
And vengeance is mine; I’ll repay, saith the Lord.

Oh! learned historian, his epitaph write,
Oh! let not his worth be shrouded in night;
For he was torn from our midst in a glorious [c?se,]
In upholding our Flag, Constitution and Law

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    Still Image
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    J.E., of Germantown
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    17.5 cm x 10.5 cm
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