Relief for Ireland


H. DE MARSAN, Songs, Ballads, toy books, 58 & 60 Chatham St. N. Y.

Relief For Ireland.

Arouse, my Irish heroes! it’s painful to relate!
The famine has broke out again, it’s hard for me to state:
The grave it lies wide open to receive her victims in,
Relief, Relief for Ireland! arouse, brave Irish men!

The famine-stares them in the face, the Landlord calls for
The flood which over-spread the Land, has caused them
to lament:
And yet John Bull must have the Beef, let it be cooked
or raw;
We’re told by each big English thief: we darsen’t break
the law.

John Bull, I give you for to know, we got a new Brigade,
Led on by Thomas Francis Meagher, and wears the green
Ye, tyranizing Landlords, that Country is not thine,
Relief, Relief for Ireland! so, open up the mines!

Americans will sympathize, leave Politics one side;
Hail unto thee, Bright Stars and Stripes, in which the
Irish pride;
We’ll send them food, we’ll send them gold, in Congress
we have friends:
Relief, Relief for Ireland! the Eagle claps her wings!

Erin, my dear Country, forlorn as thou art,
The shamrock ever dear to me, I’ll wear it next my heart;
That Nation I have loved so dear, where friends so oft
have met;
Relief, Relief for Ireland, the Land that gave me birth!

What will become of Ireland, if we don’t lend our aid?
It’s time that something should be done, so be it not delayed;
Their Flag is flying in distress, I see it from afar:
Relief, Relief for Ireland! it must be bread or war!

My mind becomes unhappy, my hope, both day and night,
Once more to see old Erin Free, in the Sun-Bursting Light;
With all thy faults, I love thee still, tho’ Exiles here we roam;
Relief, Relief for Ireland! our thoughts on thee alone!

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