Remember Baltimore


Remember Baltimore.

Come all you true Americans, and rally to the stand,
Your country is invaded all by a rebel band;
We will show the sons of Judis when we meet them at war,
That solemnly we’re sworn to protect the stripes and stars.

Come up, you sons of Erin, who never were afraid,
To meet a foe in any clime, who dare for to invade
This glorious Constitution for which our fathers bled
In the fields of fame and glory—they are mingled with the dead.

This glorious Constitution to all men did guarantee
That they shall be made welcome to the land of liberty,
And like welcome sons of liberty, we’ll hasten to the camps,
And strike a blow like Hercules, on the traitors of the swamps.

Our gallant Yankee heroes who never met defeat
By any foe who did wage war against the right of State,
They forced their road through rebel bands, as they often did before:
Let their pass-word be in Battle—remember Baltimore.

Those sons of Massachusetts, let their names be still enroll’d
In the book of martyrs, within its sacred fold;
Those signals of liberty, their memory we will deplore,
They fell by the hands of traitors, in the streets of Baltimore.

The loyal sons of Germany to traitors will not yield,
They’ll protect the glorious stars and stripes, or perish on the field.
We will tell the sons of Arnold that their efforts are in vain,
We’re united in communion strong, our country to sustain.

Our Pennsylvania volunteers will check their haughty train,
And let them know our government in triumph must remain.
Their rebel chief and followers in swampy caves will groan;
Bold Mc’Mullen and his rangers will give each host a grave alone.

Those perjured bands of traitors, their wickedness is great,
To rebel against a government that protects both Church and State
They’ll repent when ’tis too late, for their actions vile and mean,
Those hypocrites no power have, our holy flag to stain.

Our ecclesiastic gentleman have volunteered their aid,
To accompany their brethren, and comfort each brigade;
And the daughters of Columbia, may God protect their fame
With heavenly strength and vigor, to cheer each gallant dame.

In conclusion of these verses, let each gallant hero stand
As Anderson at Fort Sumter did, when he had it in command;
He withstood those rebel batteries, it was fearful for to see
His little band of gallants around the banner of the free.

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