Return of Gen. Corcoran of the Glorious 69th



Return of gen. Corcoran Of The Glorious 69th

The Southerner’s in fierce array against the Northmen bold,
When Irish voices rung on high, as in the days of old,
And, in one loud, united voice that rent the very sky,
They swore they’d put base Traitors down, and conquer them or die!

’Twas then the Gallant Sixty-Ninth, with spirits light and gay,
Cheered by the ones they dearly love, when marching down Broadway.
Went forth to meet the Rebel foe, who would destroy the land,
That gave them birth and nurtured them, the dastard rebel band!

’Twas not to subjugate the South those Irish Braves went forth,
Nor emancipate their negroes, to satisfy the North..
But bring them back unto the laws, their noble Sires had made,
And place again, beneath our Flag, each Southern Renegade.

’Twas at the battle of Bull-Run, when first they met the foe;
They charged the rebels with cold steel, and laid their columns low;
And, while the Northern ranks were broke, ‘mid showers of shot
and shell,
The Gallant Sixty-Ninth still stood, nor flinched, but nobly fell!

God bless the noble CORCORAN, who led them on the field!
Against the odds of two to one, he fought, but could not yield:
For, CORCORAN, valiant CORCORAN, the bravest of the brave,
Would fight to death, but ne’er retreat before a rebel knave.

God bless the Gallant Sixty-Ninth! God bless each manly heart!
They’ve done their duty faithfully, they acted well their part:
For, on the bloody battle-field, where lay their martyrs dead,
Was heard their wild and fierce hurrah, when Southern traitors fled.

As at the charge of Fontenoy, our brave men of to-day,
With Gallant Meagher, drove the foe, in terror and dismay;
For, at the battle of Fair-Oaks, as at the Seven-Pines
The Irish charge, with one wild yell, broke through the rebel lines.

A CEAD MAILLE FAILTHE we give to thee, brave man,
Thou hero of the Sixty-Ninth, who nobly led the van!
With a hundred thousand welcomes, we grasp thee by the hand,
And proudly claim thee, CORCORAN, brave son of Erin’s Land!

Hurrah! Hurrah for the Sixty-Ninth! how brave they look to day,
With Gallant CORCORAN at their head, as if to meet the fray;
God bless our Irish soldiers, in our hearts we shall entwine
The name of Michael CORCORAN, and the Gallant Sixty-Ninth!

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