Robin Adair


Robin Adair

What’s this dull town to me?
Robin’s not near!
He whom I wished to see,
Wish’d for to hear!
Where’s all the joy and mirth,
Made life a Heaven on earth,
Oh! they’re all fled with thee,
Robin Adair!

What made the Assembly shine?
Robin Adair!
What made the Ball so fine?
Robin was there!
What, when the Play was o’er?
What made my heart so sore?
Oh! it was parting with
Robin Adair!

But now thou’rt far from me,
Robin Adair!
But now I never see
Robin Adair!
Yet him I lov’d so well,
Still in my heart shall dwell,
Oh! I can ne’er forget
Robin Adair!

Welcome on shore again,
Robin Adair!
Welcome once more again,
Robin Adair!
I feel thy trembling hand,
Tears in thy eyelids stand,
To greet thy native land,
Robin Adair!

Long I ne’er saw thee, love,
Robin Adair!
Still I prayed for thee, love,
Robin Adair!
When thou wert far at sea,
Many made love to me,
But still I thought on thee,
Robin Adair!

Come to my heart again,
Robin Adair!
Never to part again,
Robin Adair!
And if thou still art true,
I will be constant too,
And will wed none but you,
Robin Adair!

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