The Sword and the Red, White and Blue


H. DE MARSAN , Publisher, Songs, ballads, toy books, &c. 58 & 60 Chatham Street, N. Y.

The Sword And The Red, White And Blue.

Fort Sumpter, Fort Sumpter is taken!
The Flag of our Fathers hauled down!
Bold hearts of the Union awaken
And prove you are sons of renown!
All ties of your party now sever,
And flock ‘round your Standard so true.
Compromise now? Oh never! No! Never!
The sword and the red, white and blue.

Old Abe’s made his first proclamation,
The heart of the West will not shrink;
Unite, then, and stand by the nation,
And do of the deeds which you think.
He calls on Wisconsin’s devotion,
He calls on you, sir, and you.
Then drown every home-tie emotion,
And cling to the red, white and blue.

Though war wags its wide desolation,
Though the South howl its hoarse banner-cry,
Resolve you stand by the Nation,
To stand by the Union or die.
Let Davis and Wigfall endeavor
The free of the North to subdue,
Our homes and our army forever,
Three cheers for the red, white and blue.

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