Uncle Sam's Boys


Uncle Sam’s Boys.

New songs of late, we’ve had a score,
But I’ve another now in store,
I’spose you’ve heard of me before,
I’m one of Uncle Sam’s boys.
The Southern folks have all gone mad,
The Hydrophobi’s struck in bad,
And all that I have got to add,
If they don’t come too, they’ll wish they had.
A dose of pills and powder too,
Perhaps their senses may renew,
Now that’s the plan we’d best pursue,
I mean us, Uncle Sam’s Boys.

Jeff Davis, he’s the rebel chief,
But very soon it’s my belief,
His time on earth will be but brief,
If he meets with Uncle Sam’s boys.
He privateers abroad may send,
To which, with pleasure, we’ll attend,
‘Pon all I say you can depend,
A Hempen rope will be their end.
We’re bound to put rebellion down,
And on the traitors ever frown,
While victory’s shouts our efforts crown,
The work of Uncle Sam’s boys.

Our Capital some one did say,
They’d easily take by first of May,
But I guess the time has passed away,
For ’tis safe with Uncle Sam’s boys.
Our Spangled Banner waves there yet,
And shall for ages, you can bet.
Though trerch’rous States its folds beset,
‘Nary’ a star they’ll ever get.
Loyal hearts around it stand,
And brave old Scott he will command,
As volunteers, we’ve willing hands,
To fight as Uncle Sam’s boys.

A lasting shame on Baltimore,
She’ll long be made to feel the sore,
We thought her loyal as of yore,
To the cause of Uncle Sam’s boys.
While on their way to Washington,
Three of Massachusetts’ sons
Fell victims to the traitor’s guns,
Led on by Baltimorians.
A band of Pennsylvanians too,
Although unarmed, with valor true,
They hand to hand at traitors flew,
And fought as Uncle Sam’s boys.

Now there is Major Anderson,
Bully for him says every one,
He’s the boy that wouldn’t run,
For he’s one of Uncle Sam’s boys.
Worn down by hunger and labor’s hand,
Bravely fought his little band

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