Up Comes McGinty



Up Comes Mcginty.

You have heard how McGinty in the water went down,
But he did not get drowned, you may bet;
Though the night was dark, he met a friendly shark,
Who said “Paddy, come in out of the wet.
“All right,” said Pat, “I’ll try, as I feel confounded dry,
And I want a drink of whiskey, by my soul;”
As head first down he went till his eyes got to the vent,
And the shark rubbed its tail against a Pole.

When he got safe on the wharf, he said, “thank you, Mr. Shark,
Sincerely I wish you good-bye;
It’s the fashion of to-day to come out the back-way,
When we take our Sunday nip upon the sly.
Then he soon a tavern found and told how he was drown’d
Alive, at the bottom of the say;
Which made the topers shout and tell him to get out,
And get into a mad-house right away.

And thus a row began but there was not any man,
The white or the black or the brown,
Though they hit and kicked and swore, and rolled upon the floor,
Had strength enough to keep McGinty down;
Till in came the police to make them live in peace,
And went for the crowd with a will;
And to McGinty said: “We all thought you were dead
And drowned, but we find you living still.”

But McGinty soon got out, and now roams round about,
You may see him either morning, night or noon;
As he is a politician and one above suspicion,
And the boss of a first-class saloon.
And hundreds, so they say, call to see him every day,
As he treats all his friends like a king,
To the best of whiskey punch, and the very best of lunch,
And hands around segars when they sing.

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