Upper Ten and the Lower Five


A. W. AUNER’S, CARD AND JOB PRINTING ROOMS, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Upper Ten And The Lower Five

NOBLEMAN.—I have no coppers, my good man,
Three times to you I’ve told.
BEGGAR.—I don’t object to silver, sir,
And I ain’t too proud for gold.
N.—But I am one of the Upper Ten, good man,
So to be polite contrive.
B.—I begs your pardon, my good lord,
I’m one of the Lower Five.

N.—My coat is of the latest cut,
No doubt you can perceive.
B.—My coat is cut all over, and
I’ve cut, away the sleeve.
N.—For a good fit no boots like mine you’ll see,
For in fact there are nene such.
B.—Vell, my boots ain’t like yourn at all,
‘Cos mine fit me rather

N.—My uncle lent me all his tin
When I was quite a lad.
B.—My uncle lent me ‘alf a crown
On the last good coast I’ad.
N.—Lady de Vere of the Upper Ten,
I shall wed when twenty-five.
B.—I’m going to marry Sukey Scraggs,
Who belongs to the Lower Five.

N.—Please call my carriage, my good man,
And pray don’t make a fuss.
B.—I never in a carriage ride,
I go by walker’s bus.
N.—Well, as you seem to be hard up, good man,
A gold sovereign I will give.
B.—Ah! you rich men, sir, scarcely know
How half of this world do live.

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    Lloyd, Arthur
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    20 cm x 11.5 cm
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