When You've Got Money


A. W. AUNER, SONG PUBLISHER & PRINTER, Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

When You’ve Got Money.

How many dear old friends we meet,
Who take you by the hand,
And ask you how your health is,
And what are you going to stand.
They’ll smoke your cigars and drink your wine,
And say you are a king,
And all their dear relations To your socials they will bring.

Suppose your bank account is large,
And you’re uglier than sin,
’Tis then the invitations
From the young girls do come in;
You’re measured by your pocket,
Never a word about your face,
’Tis then the girls all practice
For the matrimonial race.

A true man on the friendship
Of the world does not depend,
Put five dollars in each pocket,
Then you stand between two friends.
Let boon companions and drinking friends,
And pals all go to pot,
Take my tip that your pocket is
The best friend that you have got

A. W. AUNER’S CARD & JOB PRINTING ROOMS Tenth and Race Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

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