Where Is Major Phipps?



There was an almshouse manager,
Whose name was Major Phipps,
Who was very fond of showing off,
But now he takes and skips.
The reason why you’ve no doubt read,
He robbed for all he could,
And our councilman now feel awful blue,
And its just right he should.

But where has Major now gone to.
The question now does arise,
And where he now at present is,
Is where the mystery lies.
Perhaps he’s down at Cape May,
In scme quiet little cot,
Or perhaps he’s gone to Long Branch,
To hire Mary’s yacht.

Perhaps he’s over in New York,
To try another lay,
Perhaps he’s down at Ocean Grove,
To learn to sing and pray,
Or perhaps he’s taken passage,
On a steamer for Brazil,
Or perhaps at hunting Hilgert up,
A solid team to fill.

Perhaps he’s at Atlantic,
To find a place to hide,
Perhaps he’s up in a baloon,
In safety for to ride,
Perhaps he’s gone to Saratoga,
To mix in with the gay,
But where the Major really is,
Is the topic of the day.

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