The Soldier's Farewell to his Bride


Published byChas Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N.Y.

The Soldier’s Farewell To His Bride.

I must part! the Soldier’s duty
Calls me to the field.
Take this likeness, and be cheerful,
God will be our Shield!
All around the drum is sounding.
All around they come.
Never, never couldst thou love me
If I’d stay at home!

Laurels might surround my forehead,
If again we meet.
They will be our Wedding-Bouquet,
Laid before thy feet.
Give this curl to thy old mother.
Tell her that her son
Will be back to ask her blessings
When our cause is won!

In the midst of battles thunder
I’ll remember thee,
And my throbbing heart will tell me,
That thou pray’st for me.
Let me look once more, oh dearest,
At thy eyes, so bright!
Their remembrance will uphold me
In the deadly fight!

See, how all my friends and brethren
Rally around their guns.
Don’t forget that our old Union,
Calls for all her Sons!
Gladly will I fight and struggle
For my countries fame.
But my thoughts and all my prayers
Will include thy name!

Thine for now, and thine for ever!
Thine my dying love!
Should I fall, thy image will be
With me there above!
But our hope, our ardent prayers
Will not be in vain,
And a secret voice does tell me
We’ll see us again!——

Now ... a last, a last embracing!
Do not break, oh heart!
Do you see that flying Banner!
Dearest, we must part!
For our love and for our Union
Let me fight and shout.
God with us! Farewell. my dearest!
Comrades! Right about! ...

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