Monument, at Lowell


Verses, Appropriate On The Occasion Of The Dedication Of The Ladd And Whitney Monument, At Lowell,

THEY fell in Freedom’s holy cause,
Young martyrs to the right,
By ruffian hands they were laid low,
And not in manly fight!
Oh yes, they were the first to fall
As traitors proudly swore,
And when the gallant Sixth march’d thro’
The streets of Baltimore!

‘TWAS when the dreadful war began
And traitors said that they
Would rend the Union that we love
And take our rights away!
Then to preserve the Stars and Stripes
Which fiendish foes would lower,
Our honor’d brave, and gallant Sixth
Did march through Baltimore!

THE lawless mob of ruffians came, By drunken scoundrels led.
And two of Lowell’s gallant boys
Were number’d with the dead!
“All hail the Stars and Stripes,” cried one,
Then sought the better shore,
But left a name can never die,
That day at Baltimore.

AND since they fell, how many brave
Have fallen on the field,
How oft the traitor’s boast was heard
That he would never yield!
But still the stars and stripes flaunt on
As they have done of yore,
And drunken traitors are dismay’d,
Nor vaunt at Baltimore!

WE come to-day to consecrate
The monument which may
Oft tell how LADD and WHITNEY died,
When we have pass’d away!
Our children’s children here may come,
Read that inscription o’er,
And thank the ONE preserves the flag
Still waves in Baltimore!

AND see it wave in grandeur yet
‘Neath June’s resplendent sky,
The Flag for which so many fell
While four dark years roll’d by!
No traitor host a stripe or star
From that dear Flag has tore,
While treason hides its loathsome form
To-day in Baltimore!

OUR sister city of the Loom, †
Her place with us may claim,
While we our youthful martyrs praise,
She honors NEEDHAM’S name!
The same bright river‡ meets her view,
The same hopes she’s in store,
And her brave sons like LOWELL’S boys
Did fall at Baltimore!

BRAVE soldier boys are coming back
With laurels they did earn,
And mothers, sisters, maidens, wives,
Await for their return!
The vaunts of fiends have pass’d away
Like storms from sea and shore,
But let the Spindle City praise
Her lost at Baltimore!

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