Oh! Abraham, Resign!



The days are growing shorter,
The sun has crossed the line,
And the people all are asking,
“Will Abraham resign?”

You've forgotten all the promises
Made in those speechese fine.
When travelling to the Capitol;—
Oh! I Abraham, resign!

You've killed the Constitution,
Framed by patriots, “lang syoe;”
You're gagged that mouths of freemen;
Oh! Abraham, resign!

[?]once fraternal,
[?]your party line;
[?]through us war inferna;—
[?]Oh!Abraham, resign!

You've imprisoned honest freemen,
And in dungeons let them pine
For home and wite, and children;
Oh! Abraham resign!

You're leagued with John Brown Forney,
To Greenly you incline,
You're hand and glove with Summer;
Oh! Abraham, resign!

The people will not swallew
That wicked scheme of thine,
To 'mancipate the 'woolly heads,"
Oh! Abraham, resign!

Pennsylvania has condemned you;
One's in the line;
And the Hosier boys are shouting:—
Oh! Abraham, resign!

The Empire State has spoken
Against three, Abr'm mine.
The Jersey Blues are after thee;
Oh! Abraham, resign!

Against these solemn warnings,
Steel not that heart of thine,
Far “better late than never.”
Oh! Abraham, resign!

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