Ode for the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the South Carolina Society


Ode For The One Hundred And Fiftieth Anniversary of The South Carolina Society.

Wake, bright, joyous morn! awake fair, natal day,
Of this blest cause, that brought peace, comfort, love and hope,
To mourning homes, this century and a half.
We bless and praise the names, that gave thee birth,
Within our Southern Land, sweet Charity!
Father of Love! thy children turn to thee,
Thou God and Author of ev’ry earthly good,
To thank thee for this noble work’s success,
And pray thy blessing on its honor’d name.

Hail! gracious work divine, thy praise we sing!
Oh! widow hearts rejoice! oh, orphan tears be dry!
Let grateful songs ascend to heaven to-day,
And bless and trust the promise of thy God,
Left for thee, in the flowers of the field.
Yea, as long as his lilies keep blooming,
Or the twittering of his sparrows you hear,
Let their songs and beauty keep thee mindful,
Oh ye faithless! that thy wants are his care.

Live on great work! keep ever green the laurels,
That have crowned thee, one century and a half.
To noble names, and names of filial love,
Of sons, who will keep bright, unsullied
The fair name of the cause their fathers lov’d.
Ye sleep, true hearts, who fram’d this work of love;
Sleep on! nor fear that time, that ought shall blemish,
The pure fame of this offspring of your hearts,
That bear your names, baptismal, on its brow.

Live on blest work! fulfill thy sacred mission,
To comfort widow hearts, to dry the orphan’s tear.
Charity and Love, beautiful twin sisters,
Walk on through life, with hope and succour strong:
Thou cans’t not fail, for on they brow is set,
God’s promise sure, in letters of pure gold,
That thought, that empire, that glory all may fade,
But thou, blest Charity, cans’t never fail,
Thou are the breath of an eternal God.

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