Will You Love Me Then as Now


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort. St., N.Y.

Will You Love Me Then As Now.

You have told me that you love me,
And your heart’s thoughts seem to speak,
As you look on me so fondly,
And the life blood tints your cheek,
May I trust that these warm feelings
Never will grow cold and strange,
And that you’ll remain unalter’d,
In this weary world, this weary world of change?

When the shades of care or sorrow,
Dim mine eyes and cloud my brow,
And my spirit sinks within me,
Will you love me, will you love me then as now?
Though our youth may pass unclouded,
In a peaceful happy home,
Yet as year on year advances,
Changes must, changes must upon us come.

For the step will loose its lightness,
And the hair be chang’d to grey,
Eyes once bright give up their brightness,
And the hopes of youth decay.
When all these have pass’d upon me,
And stern age has touch’d my brow,
Will the change find you unchanging,
Will you love me, will you love me then as now?

Published by S. Gordon, 705 Broadway.

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